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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just a Girl from Kansas by Rebekah Moan

Title: Just a Girl From Kansas

Author: Rebekah Moan

Publisher: Inspiri Press

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*I voluntarily read this book*

Just A Girl From Kansas is an inspirational story about one woman's story about following her dreams.

The author writes about her abrupt decision to move to California to pursue a writing career. Along the way she faces struggles with finding a job, looking for love, weight issues, and doubts of whether she made the right decision.

I found myself relating to some of the author's issues. For instance, I also face issues with my weight and I've had doubts whenever I pursue a dream.

As the author talks about her concerns with her new life in San Francisco, I found myself feeling for her and what she went through. I loved how open and honest she was about everything.

At times, I did a little confused when she talked about Ananda Marga, a yoga and meditation group she was part of. She talks a lot about the group and how it helped her, yet it did get a bit confusing with all the terms she used. Yet, it was interesting learning about this aspect of her life.

I enjoyed the book and I think it’s helpful for anyone exploring their own dreams or starting a new journey in their life.