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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Book Review: Pokergeist by Michael Phillip Cash

Title: Pokergeist

Author: Michael Phillip Cash

Genre: Paranormal

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Pokergeist is a paranormal novel filled with lots of comedy and drama. In a way, it reminded me of one of those Hollywood comedies you’d see on the big screen.

The premise of the story is Telly Martin, is a lovable, down on his luck guy. He’s lost his job, now he and his girlfriend, Gretchen are living in a slimy motel. Telly tries his hand at poker to earn money, but is met with no luck. Enter the ghost of Clutch Henderson, ne of the greatest poker players to help Telly.

With Clutch’s assistance, Telly embarks on becoming a renowned poker player and winning the series championship. Along the way, hilarity and misunderstandings ensue as the two men have to learn to work together.

I loved Telly, he was an underdog character you root for. It seems like everything he does turns out wrong, plus people start to lose faith in him. As for Clutch, I liked his strong-willed character along with the humorous antics he caused throughout the book. Even though Clutch, seems like a tough guy, the glimpse into his past shows a guy, who’s suffered a lot.

The combination of the paranormal, drama, and comedy aspects created a wonderful story. I found myself laughing and sometimes getting emotional throughout the book.

My one critique would have to be the end. Even though I was happy with how everything turned out for the characters, I felt it rushed by too quickly. I would’ve liked a little more build up.