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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lost In My Mind by Kelly Bouldin Darmofal Review

Title: Lost In My Mind

Author: Kelly Bouldin Darmofal

Publisher: Modern History Press

Genre: Biography
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Kelly Bouldin Darmofal was your typical teenager, cheerleader, and straight-A student. She had a normal life growing up in North Carolina, but one September night her life changed. At the age of fifteen when she was involved in a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury.
Together with her mother, Kelly writes a touching memoir about her recovery from TBI. The first half of the book consists of journal entries her mother kept during Kelly’s time in the hospital and recovery. Through the excerpts, you get a glimpse into the struggles Kelly faced with her therapy and trying to go back to a normal life. You also feel the pain Kelly’s mother went through watching her daughter in the hospital, seeing Kelly’s emotional outbursts, and fighting with the school so they could accommodate Kelly’s needs.

In the second half of the book, Kelly describes in her own words what life was like with TBI. She talks about the troubles she faced in her recovery and in school, how she felt abandoned by her friends, her memory loss, and her battle with depression. Against all odds, Kelly was determined to get on with her life and overcome the obstacles she faced. With the help of her family, friends, teachers, and doctors; Kelly worked hard to recover from her injury and finish school. She’s now a successful teacher, who‘s main focus is campaigning for proper education for students with TBI.

Her journey is one of sadness, hope, and inspiration. This is a must-read for everyone.


Friday, June 19, 2015

The Broken Series by Angel Fattig

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Get ready to have your mind BLOWN!
From the darkness comes a story of hope and love...
💔 The Broken Series 💔
Angela Fattig

Each book is a standalone but is best if read in order.

#Love #SecondChance #oneclick
While reading Out of the Darkness you will experience emotions you didn’t know existed and the crazy part is you will feel them all at one time!
Joy, Sorrow, Hope, Love, Helplessness, Betrayal, Laughter, Hatred
Out of the Darkness: Jaden & Chase
Book 1

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Angela Fattig 

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book Spotlight: The Pledge by Laura Ward & Christine Manzari

We're excited to share the cover for THE PLEDGE by Laura Ward & Christine Manzari! Be sure to check out the excerpt below!

Title: The Pledge
Author: Laura Ward & Christine Manzari
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designed by: Okay Creations, Sarah Hansen
Release date: July 27, 2015

Taren needs a do-over. She’s decided the best way to put the high school bullies behind her is to pledge a Taylor-Swift-lip-syncing, beer-guzzling, sorority. Sisterhood helps Taren find the acceptance she’s always craved, but not the love she needs.

Alec wants freedom. To escape his father’s iron fist and unrealistic expectations, he pledges a campus acrobatics club where he finds that drugs and alcohol aren't the only ways to get high. His addiction to danger helps him gain his independence, but it comes at a heavy price.

When the two cross paths, Alec fears his undeniable attraction to the party girl just might threaten everything he's worked so hard to earn. Taren hasn’t forgotten that Alec humiliated her back in high school, but she also can't deny the chemistry they share.

Alec and Taren have nothing in common, but fate is bound and determined to bring them together. They know falling in love is a risk, and yet it’s too hard to ignore. When their worlds clash and they both end up suffering, will they fight to stay together? Or are some pledges too hard to keep?

“I dreamt about this.” Alec dragged his fingertips down my neck and to my hair that lay splayed across his pillow. He leaned over me, and his weight rested on his forearms. “I pictured you just like this. Laying in my bed, your hair spread out on my pillow, your scent on my skin.” He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. “Your lips begging to be kissed.” Alec slipped his tongue along my lower lip. “I missed your taste. I missed…you, Taren.” He dipped his tongue inside my mouth, pulling me in for a deep, slow kiss.

The words coming from his lips were too much. I moaned into his mouth as emotion stung the corners of my eyes. He was hard as he pressed against me, and my eyelids fluttered shut as I lifted my hips into him. My hands ran all over his arms, and my fingers molded themselves to the muscles of his shoulders and back. I would never have enough time to feel him. Never.

Alec’s kisses were eager, his lips pressing against mine with such intensity I hardly had time to catch my breath. He moved down, trailing his lips along my neck until he reached my chest. Every place he left a kiss felt hot, and I felt flushed.

“I missed the way you tuck your hair behind your ear when you’re nervous.” His lips branded my right shoulder. “I missed the way you smile when you know you’re out-debating me.” His mouth traced the words into my skin before leaving a scorching touch on my rib cage. “I missed the way you can get lost in a book and fall into its pages.” His kiss settled between the swell of my breasts, and his breath feathered across my skin.

A tear rolled down my face as emotion overwhelmed me. I wasn’t just another body. He saw me. The real me.

He looked up and propped himself up on his elbow. He reached up and wiped the tear away with his thumb. He left his hand on my face and gazed down me. “What’s wrong?” His fingers stroked my cheek.

I closed my eyes, taking a deep, shaky breath. “I’m so happy we get a second chance.” Another tear escaped me, and his face pinched as he reached up to wipe that one away, too.

“Second chances don’t change the past. They just prove we can learn from our mistakes.” He pressed his face into my neck, his mouth just below my ear. “I’m not the same guy I was in high school. I’m going to prove that to you.”

We would love for you to join us in the promotional tour for The Pledge by Laura Ward & Christine Manzari! 

About the Author:

Laura Ward lives in Maryland with her loud and very loving three children and husband. She married her college sweetheart and is endlessly grateful for the support he has given her through all their years together, and especially toward her goal of writing books. When not changing diapers, driving to lacrosse practice, or checking spelling homework, Laura is writing or reading romance novels.
Contact Laura at:
Twitter — @laurarosnerward
Instagram — _Laura_Ward
Email —

The first thing Christine does when she's getting ready to read a book is to crack the spine in at least five places. She wholeheartedly believes there is no place as comfy as the pages of a well-worn book. She's addicted to buying books, reading books, and writing books. Books, books, books. She also has a weakness for adventure, inappropriate humor, and coke (the caffeine-laden bubbly kind). Christine is from Forest Hill, Maryland where she lives with her husband, three kids, and her library of ugly spine books.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Honor by Rachel Rossano

Author Name:  Rachel Rossano
Book Title:  Honor
Genre and Sub-Genre: Sweet Medieval Romance
Book Content Rating:  1 PG-13 – No sex, no mature situations, no foul language

The Earl of Dentin excels in his position as Securer of the Realm. But the king’s order to pluck an orphaned child from a loving home unsettles Dentin. When a dark-eyed woman challenges his honor regarding the mission, Dentin finds himself unable to justify his actions or get her out of his mind. Something about her lack of fear intrigues him. 

Lady Elsa Reeve attempts to avoid the marriage of convenience her brother and mother demand of her. She understands the need to pay off her brother's massive debt. She only wants her family to consider her wishes in the process. 

As Elsa becomes further entangled in a snare of her brother’s creating, only one man defends her. But can she trust Dentin, her unlikely champion, and his motives? With a murderer on the loose, Elsa’s fate in jeopardy, and a traitor plotting against the king, Dentin finds his priorities shifting in an unexpected direction. 

Rachel Rossano specializes in clean romantic fiction set in historical-feeling fantasy worlds. She also dabbles in straightforward historical romance and not-so-strict speculative fiction. 

A happily married mother of three small children, she divides her time between mothering, teaching, and writing. She endeavors to enchant, thrill, entertain, and amuse through her work. A constant student, she seeks to improve her skills and loves to hear from readers.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cover Reveal: Angel Warriors MC by Dawn Martens

UnKiss Me : *Warning* The books in this series can NOT be read as a standalone!
After spending years suffering abuse at the hands of her father and protecting her baby sister, Eden Blake takes a chance. She calls on the Angels Warriors MC asking for protection just months before her father is to be released from prison. She never expected that call would bring her face to face with her past.
Jasper ‘Angel’ Hughes, President of the Angels Warriors MC, battled his way to the top. He fought his way through hell, cleaning up the mess that was once Satan’s Law MC. Wanting to serve a better purpose in life he took on the role of child protector. Protecting them from their hellish lives and getting them away from their abusers. When he gets the call to protect Eden, the first girl he ever loved, he vows to win her back and never let her go again.
But when a new secret comes to light that Eden was hiding, will they get their Happily Ever After?
Each book in the trilogy is 50K words. All three books will be in ONE paperback.

UnTouch Me: **WARNING** you MUST read UnKiss Me before UnTouch Me!!
The truth always comes out, no matter how deep you try to bury it. Secrets never make their way to the grave. Lilly Mayer has always lived a simple life. She’s loyal—maybe too loyal since faithfulness cost her the love of her life. Keeping Eden’s whereabouts a secret from everyone, including Vinny, has ripped away Lilly’s future.
Vincent “Zippo” Torino knows he’s a goddamn bastard. And he’s willing to use Lilly’s loyalty to Eden as his own escape from a hell he created. He doesn’t give a damn that he’s leaving the woman pregnant with his child behind—not when he has to protect his own destructive secret. And not when he’s sure she’s going to beat him to the punch and leave first.
As the dangers to the club escalate, nobody’s hearts—or lives—are safe.
*All books in this series are 50K words, all to be combined into ONE paperback*

UnBreak This Heart: *WARNING - You MUST Read UnKiss Me AND UnTouch Me BEFORE UnBreak This Heart*
After she's betrayed by her husband, Hilary DeVaughn is done. She can't and won't stay in a town where so many bad memories haunt her. Years later, she gets a phone call to come back home for Eden, so she drops everything to return to the place where her heart was shattered. Deciding it's time to completely let go, she hands Mason divorce papers.
Mason "Reaper" Harris has always loved Hilary, but that love quickly fell apart when she slept with another man - or so he thinks. Then Hilary returns, along with her demands for a divorce again. He realizes that, even though he's still furious with her for ruining their relationship, he refuses to let her go.
In this conclusion to the Angels Warriors MC Trilogy - will Angel, Zippo, and Reaper get their women back and finally have their happily ever afters? Or will these couples be forever broken? They all had secrets, some more destructive than others, but will their love be enough to make things right? Or will those secrets tear their hearts - and lives - to shreds?
*All books in this trilogy are 50,000 words and will be combined into ONE paperback*

Monday, June 8, 2015

One More Dance by Valentine Cardinale Review

Title: One More Dance

Author: Valentine Cardinale

Genre: Mystery, Romance

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

One More Dance is a story mixed with lots of suspense and a dash of romance. Julian is a widower, who on a trip to Italy falls for the beautiful Alegra. The two meet at a wedding and make plans to see each other again, but their plans are thwarted when Julian returns to home to find his son Leo has been beaten. His romantic life takes a backseat as he begins the search for his son's attacker.

Throughout the ordeal, you feel for Julian and his daughters Flo and Frankie as they remain by Leo's bedside and search for answers. I loved the closeness between the Case family as they came together for Leo and shared memories of Susan, Julian’s late wife.

Flo and Frankie had their own side stories in the book. Flo is a college student, who feels a need to take care of her father, and when she's not busy hitting the books she's wondering where her relationship with her best friend Tommy is headed. Frankie is married with a son and looking to make a big change in her life. I have to admit I was a bit let down by the change Frankie was seeking; I was thinking it would be something bigger instead of her quitting her job to become a kick boxer. However, her newfound career plays an important part later in the novel.

I liked how the author keeps the suspense going throughout the story as he introduces the various suspects. With a couple of them, you feel sorry due to the hardships they’ve gone through in their lives. By the middle of the book, I thought I had the culprit figured out, but at the end the author does a complete 180.

With Julian and Allegra's relationship, I liked reading about their history with their former significant others and I was rooting for them to get together. However, I felt they were lacking in the romance department, I would’ve preferred a little more buildup and interaction in their relationship.

While the story lacked with the romance aspects, the mystery elements are enough to keep you intrigued til the very end.

Rating: 4 stars

Damaged Love by Layla Stevens

Damage Love blog tour header try 1

Title: Damaged Love

Series: Bound Series #2

Author: Layla Stevens

Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Mystery & Thriller

- Now Available -

Damaged Love Cover

Love that Book Synopsis
All Kayla has ever wanted is to feel loved. She has lived her life with the Stantons, feeling scared and unwanted. She has always wondered about her birth parents. How could they have given her up? Should she search for them? If she found them, would she be able to forgive them?
Senator Seth Stanton’s image portrayed his love for his family. He has the perfect life—a loving wife, twin sons, and an adopted daughter. What more could he ask for? His life isn’t what it seems, and soon what should have stayed behind closed doors comes bursting through. His family is falling apart, and it’s all his fault.
With the help of Dr. Patrice Doyle, Kayla has managed to cope with her demons. Dr. Doyle knows she has her work cut out for her, and she can see there is something special about this young lady who was once so broken. Can Dr. Doyle help convince Kayla she is more than damaged goods?
With suicide, weddings, and new discoveries in the picture, will Kayla be able to heal? Or will she be forever damaged?
This book Is Not a standalone.. You must have read book one called Broken Love and Forever Bound

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Damaged Love Full Cover
Love that Book Excerpt
"It started when I was a kid. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally abused. I was raped by both of them over and over throughout several years. And then they threatened to get rid of all of those I love. They even said they’d find my birth mother and kill her too. They took VI knowing I would do whatever they wanted to get her back safe and sound. Little did they expect I was ready to fight back for the first time in my life and not submit to their demands. "


"Millie, I am not even going to try and tell you that it was an accident because you'll believe what you want. Please know that I did what I had to do to in order to protect myself and Violet, but I will say he got what he deserved."
Love that Book Button Teasers

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Love that Book About Author
My name is Layla Stevens, I'm 35 years old and live in Pensacola Florida. I have a teenage daughter who is my biggest fan.. I did not give birth to her I adopted her. I have been writing for a year now, and I have learned so much about myself and books over the last year. I have a major love for the color pink. I'm on all social media and like to think I'm very approachable..
I hope you are ready for this exciting roller coaster, because my books will make you feel every emotion..
I look forward to messages from my fans and I always respond myself. So stop he and say hello anytime..

Facebook | Twitter | TSU | Instagram| Email

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Not a Word About Love by Hana Goldberg Review

Title: Not a Word About Love

Author: Hana Goldberg

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Not a Word About Love isn't your typical romance story.

Maya is a woman who's going through a midlife crisis, the death of her mother and the trouble in her marriage have put her in a depressed state. She goes on vacation to Bangkok to get out of her rut and meets a handsome stranger who changes her life. What follows is a tale of romance, betrayal, and finding what makes you happy.

Maya, at times she came across as selfish, but reading about her past, her closeness with her mother, and her loveless marriage to Uri, I felt for her and wanted her to find the happiness she was craving. She thinks she finds that with Joe, the stranger she meets on the plane. Maya and Joe's relationship felt a bit too rushed, the first time they meet they have sex on the airplane. To me, it would've worked better if there was more buildup to their romance and getting to know each other before they hit the sack. Maya thinks she's found Mr. Perfect when she meets Joe, she so enamoured with him that she can't stop thinking about him, but a series of incidents shows Joe's true colors, which threatens to leave her heartbroken.

Even though the story has a sad undertone to it, the author lightens the mood with humor. My favorite parts are when Maya is strolling the streets of Bangkok with a Terrier dog that she's become close to. I also loved when he best friend Thea joined her on the next leg of her trip. Thea is just like Maya, in the sense that she's trying to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. Throughout the story they have numerous discussions about the struggles they face in their lives. I loved how close their friendship is with the two of them bickering one minute then comforting each other the next.

Overall, it's a good story and I loved the ending. I won't give too much away, but let's just say Maya gets the upper hand and finds the happiness she's been looking for.

Rating: 3 stars

Monday, June 1, 2015

Book Spotlight: Veiled Memories by Jena Baxter

Author Name:  Jena Baxter
Book Title:  Veiled Memories (Bonds of the Covenant Book 1)
Genre and Sub-Genre:  Romantic Urban Fantasy
Book Content Rating:  3 Not PG-13 – Sex in the furtherance of the story but details left to the imagination, mild language
Tour Duration and Description:   May 4 - June 8

Born in Ojai, and raised in the San Fernando Valley, California, Jena always loved to read and dreamed of writing a novel. Having the ability, but lacking the confidence to do so, she enrolled in the UCLA Writer’s Extension and soon her first novel was in process.
Jena writes YA fantasy, historical fantasy, and paranormal romance. She is also a screenwriter and reads for a screenwriting contest annually. When she isn’t writing she spends her free time with her husband, amazon parrot, and toy maltese.

Heaven’s greatest warrior angel has fallen leaving his bonded-brother, Ilan, frustrated and confused. After finding a child Chayan placed in his care a new home, Ilan falls into a period of rebellion until his Master, Adiel, assigns him a guardian assignment to restore Lily and Bryan Erickson’s broken marriage. Having a pure heart, Lily is able to see him while other humans can’t. Vulnerable and intrigued, Ilan falls in love with his charge. He finds Lily’s wayward husband in a vacation house with another woman, and rising to the challenge, manages to show Bryan what he lost, but now Lily won’t talk to him. 

When she calls Ilan, late one night, his heart screams warning, but unable to resist her he answers the call. She awaits him in a candlelit room where Ilan watches afraid and unseen. If he accepts her invitation, he’ll be fallen in the morning. Unable to walk away, Ilan decides to make her his own until Eytan, the guardian of Lily’s unborn daughter, appears with the only argument that will stop him. 

A warrior is never sent on a guardian assignment. Something terrible lies ahead and Lily and Bryan must be together to stop it. 

Ilan doesn’t understand why he can’t see her future, but refuses to leave Lily’s safety to another. He veils her memories and works in earnest to re-forge the bond with the husband that didn't want her. Bryan returns home, and the child is born while Ilan and Eytan watch and wait for an unknown battle to draw near.