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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

Well, the New Year has begun and like many people I made a list of resolutions. In the past, I had a bad habit of breaking my resolutions, but then again who hasn't. In recent years, I've been pretty good about keeping my promises and this year I have another list of things to accomplish. Without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2013

Release 3 of my books this year

I'm in the process of editing and on the verge of publishing volume 4 of Westmore (look for it around February or March). Plus, I've gotten a head start on volume 5, which I would also love to publish in 2013 and I'm working on a paranormal romance novel. Without any distractions I think I can complete my goal.

Concentrate more on promotion

In the past, I've been lazy with book promotion and it didn't go so well. Last year I began doing more promotion, garnered a couple of reviews and interviews, and my book sales increased . This year I'm going to focus more on book promotion and hope the sales continue to grow.

Get organized

My house is filled with clutter and every year I say I'm going to clean up, but between work and writing I haven't had much time. This year I'm finally going to achieve this goal and declutter my home.

Wish me luck as I set out on completing my goals.

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