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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: Miss Match by Lindzee Armstrong

Title: Miss Match

Author: Lindzee Armstrong

Publisher: Snowflake Press

Genre: Romance

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This cute, romance story revolves around Luke and Brooke, who've been friends for eight years. Luke's been in love with Brooke since high school, yet her friendship rules keeps him from acting on his feelings. Luke becomes CEO of his family's communications company following his father's death, his grief, his drinking, and his out of control behavior lands him in the tabloids and causes concern for the board. Brooke is there to help Luke, but her friendship with Luke also makes her tabloid fodder and causes strain with her fiancée Antonio. With his job on the line and Brooke's impending wedding to Antonio, Luke sets out to change his life and win the women he loves. Luke gets his chance when Brooke enlists his help in saving her matchmaking company Toujour, as the two work together Luke starts breaking their friendship rules and Brooke's feelings for Luke start to grow and she wonders if she's meant to be with him.

Luke and Brooke is a couple I was rooting for from the beginning of the story, I loved reading about their history in high school and whenever they spent time together, my heart fluttered because they were so cute together. At first, Luke was a turnoff due to his drinking and out of control behavior, but as soon as he changed and became "the old Luke" as Brooke described I grew on him. Luke's gestures to win Brooke were romantic, one of my favorite scenes is when he brings her a box filled with mementos from their school days. With Brooke, at times I was screaming at the book for her to listen to her friends and give Luke a chance. But once I learned about how hurt she was by her dad cheating on her mom, I understood why she was hesitant to take a chance on Luke.

I loved how the author lightened the mood by including humor. One of my favorite scenes is when Luke takes one of his Toujour dates to a football game,which ends with him getting doused in beer. The author does a good job of tying everything up at the end, some of the scenes will melt your heart and may make you cry.

I'm looking forward to reading more from the author, and hopefully there will be more stories with Brooke and Luke.

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase Link: Miss Match (No Match for Love Book 1)

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