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Friday, November 13, 2015

Book Review: Riding by Cassia Cassitas

Title: Riding

Author: Cassia Cassitas

Genre: Fiction, Sports

Publisher: Createspace

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Riding follows the story of Mario and Elizabeth, a married couple who work for the Olympic committee. After traveling the world, they settle down in Curitiba where they raise their son Andre. Andre has a love of riding his bicycle and sets out to make it his dream to become a professional cyclist. He suffers an accident, which is detailed at the beginning of the book and he is fitted with prosthetic legs. Despite his accident, Andre continues with his cycling and works hard to make it to the Olympics with the help of his parents and his trainers.

I loved how descriptive the author was with the settings of the different countries and Mario’s feelings as he prepared for the Olympics, you felt yourself transported into that atmosphere. Elizabeth, I liked her character the most. She went from a career woman to a stay at home mom, who wanted to do more for her country and her son. She encourages Andre with his cycling career and she sets about on a quest to get Curitiba to sponsor more cycling programs for young kids.

The theme of the book is overcoming adversity in order to pursue your dreams. The way the author wrote how each character’s struggle and how they set out to reach their goals was inspiring. Riding is a feel good story that will touch your heart.

Rating: 4 stars 

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