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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Book Deals

Christmas is almost here and it’s a time for giving.

I’m in a generous mood this holiday season and I want to give back to all the readers who helped make 2015 a good year.

For the rest of the month, I’m going to be holding special deals on all my books.

From December 16th – January 3rd All of my ebooks will 99 cents.

*Going Home Again

*Westmore Series 

December 19th – December 20th Westmore: Revelations will be free on Amazon

December 25th – December 27th Going Home Again will be free on all sites.

December 26th –December 27th Westmore: Betrayal will be free on Amazon

January 1st – January 3rd Westmore: New Beginnings will be free on Amazon

December 16th – January 3rd All paperbacks will be 30% off on Createspace

Going Home Again: Coupon Code N4NZ5B2V

Westmore: Coupon Code G6K85RK6

Westmore: The Aftermath: Coupon Code W883CGXB

Westmore: Broken Ties: Coupon Code LJ7L97L5

Westmore: Revelations: Coupon Code RMNYRW64

Westmore: Betrayal: Coupon Code HR8ZYE2R

Westmore: New Beginnings: Coupon Code QCFU8C7F



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