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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The End of Stephanie Forrester

As I stated in my earlier posts, I'm a soap opera fan and the shows are a major inspiration for my books. The first soap opera I ever watched is The Bold and the Beautiful, and I'm still a fan til this day. One of my favorite characters is Stephanie Forrester, who in my opinion made the show popular. From her ongoing feud with Brooke Logan to her crazy antics with Sally Spectra, there was never a dull moment when it came to Stephanie.

However, come Monday, Stephanie Forrester will take her last breath. I, like many longtime B&B fans will be saddened by the loss of one daytime’s most memorable characters. Stephanie was one of the few characters on the show who had personality, whether you loved or hated her you have to admit Stephanie kept viewers entertained and tuning in to see what she’d do next. Now viewers will have to tune in each day to watch the never-ending love triangle between Hope/Liam/Steffy (yawn; wake me when it’s over with).

I’ll probably still tune in to the show, although not quite as much, and I think express the same sentiments as every soap fan out there when I say “The Bold and the Beautiful will never be the same again.”

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