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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review: Ladies of the Lake by Ken Corday

Title: Ladies Of The Lake

Author: Ken Corday

Publisher: Beaufort Books

Genre: Mystery

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The author of this book is a former producer for Days of Our Lives and Ladies of the Lake takes on a soap opera vibe because it’s filled with mystery, suspense, drama, and of course a little romance thrown in.

The premise of the story focuses on a group of friends, who live in a lakeside community and are known as Ladies of the Lake. The women live in a lap of luxury with big houses, expensive clothes, country club memberships, and fancy clothes. But behind closed doors, their lives aren’t as glamorous as they appear. The ladies face trouble with their marriages and their husbands; well I’ll just say they’re jerks although I think a more vulgar term would be appropriate. The ladies are unhappy with their lives and so one by one their husbands dies mysterious deaths, leaving their children suspicious and the police following the case. As their secrets are threatened to be exposed, the women come together and try to figure out a way to clear their names.

I enjoyed the book and as I said earlier, it took on that soap opera vibe which I loved. Even though the book’s mainly a mystery, it does have romance elements with one of the ladies falling in love with a detective and plus, there’s a relationship forming between two of the teens. I was invested in all of the characters, the wives at times come across as snobbish, but once you get a peek into their home lives you feel sorry for them. As for the husbands, I was so mad with the way that they treated their wives that I was waiting for them to get what was coming to them.

One thing I liked about the book is how the stories are told from the perspectives of the different characters; you get a glimpse into the wives, the children, and the detective’s POV. I know that’s frowned upon, but it helps move the story along and bring the characters into focus. My only critique with the book is I wish there had been more focus on the kids, especially Alana; I would’ve liked to read her insight into the situation and her parents’ marriage.

Overall, it’s a good book and I can’t wait to read what the author comes out with next.

Rating:  4 stars

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